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How to get started

Step 1: Purchase the Shoestring starter solution package

This gives you access to everything you need: the step-by-step guide, the list of low-cost components you need to buy, software download, workshops and technical support.

Step 2: Build and deploy the solution

Purchase the low-cost components, build and deploy the solution. The Shoestring team will be on-hand to advise you through a programme of technical support and workshops.

Step 3: Review and plan your next steps

Review the digital solution and consider the next steps for your company in the final impact workshop. 

About Us

Shoestring is based on rigorous research from the University of Cambridge's Institute for Manufacturing. Our research developed processes and solutions to open up the benefits of digitalisation to small- and medium-sized companies who might be overwhelmed by the complexities and cost of commercial digital offerings.  

The research project is now transitioning to a commercial initiative, and we invite companies to help shape this new phase by becoming an Early Adopter. 

Shoestring Early Adopters work in collaboration with Shoestring, they are among the first to trial the starter solution package, receive direct support from the Shoestring technical team, and help Shoestring improve and develop the starter solution offering.

Learn More

Digitalisation that meets small manufacturers needs

Shoestring's mission is to help manufacturers across the world become more productive, resilient and sustainable – one step at a time – by understanding and embracing digital technologies.

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